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Catharsis Psychology Scholarship - Fall 2021

About Us

 We are both women of colour therapists who primarily work with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) community, immigrants, refugees, amongst other communities. We are allies of the LGBTQ+ community and respect all identities. We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, trauma, loss, and chronic stress. We see adolescents, individuals and couples to work on their presenting concerns.​


We are creating this scholarship to support Canadian BIPOC Psychology students in their university studies. Mental health within the BIPOC community is important to us because historically, BIPOC individuals have been placed at a disadvantage when it comes to their mental health. Due to the Canadian context and history of trauma, stigma, oppression, colonialism and racism, BIPOC individuals are slow to access mental health services. By starting this scholarship, we aim to inspire Psychology students to value mental health services but also to consider applying for careers in that field.​



This $1,000 scholarship is for a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour) who is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Arts or Sciences in Psychology. The student must express financial need. 


 To have a complete application, the student must send a proof of full-time enrolment (an official document from your university, eg., transcript)  in a Canadian university and write a 500-word, coherent essay to the following prompts:


  • What led you to choose psychology as a major?

  • Which aspect of mental health are you most passionate about? Why?

  • If you could create a presentation on any aspect of mental health that is of interest to you, what would it be about? The topic must be specific and succinct. 


To apply for this scholarship, please send an email to introducing yourself with your essay attached in a word document in the email.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 


The deadline for all applications is September 30th 2021 at 11:59PM EST.

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