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Anger Management

Anger is one of the most powerful primary emotions that we can feel. Anger is helpful and can provide us with important information about how we feel and what we feel. As individuals, we need to learn how to manage the communication of this emotion so that it can have more constructive relationships, interactions, and connections with the people around us. Anger sometimes communicates to us when a boundary has been violated by someone else and helps us set appropriate limits on the exceedingly demanding, intrusive, critical, or rejecting behaviours of other people. This emotion also helps us understand when we are surpassing our own limits and sacrificing our needs.


Anger signs can sometimes take the form of physical symptoms such as clenching your jaws, headache, stomach-ache, increased and rapid heart rate, sweating, and shaking. Constant anger can create a state of stress for the body and has been linked by research to heart disease, elevated blood pressure, stomach problems among other health related concerns. If you feel like your anger is out of control or a difficult emotion to deal with, there are effective ways for you to change how you’re feeling while learning to take control. At Catharsis Psychology and Psychotherapy, we can help you recognize, understand, treat and make recommendations in regard to the anger that you carry. 

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